Charlotte McKinney's advice

When we want to change our life habits, we usually need to seek for advice, either from someone we know or on the internet.

The problem is, if we decide to search it online, we can never be sure if what we see will guarantee us that everything will turn out to be ok.

So what is maybe a good solution? To see what some celebrities have to say, so we decided to follow the advice of Charlotte McKinney.

She is an American model and actress, and she looks amazing, so we can assume it is because she leads a healthy lifestyle.

So what is her secret? Charlotte often says that being in a good shape is not something she must do, but something she loves to do.

I really am interested in finding some good advice on how to stay in a good shape, and besides, I simply love to be in the gym and do yoga - she said for People magazine.

She really pays attention when it comes to her diet. She exercises a lot and she eats a lot of healthy food. Of course, since she is only a human, she gives herself a day off, which is Sunday, and then she has her cheat meals.

For breakfast, she usually drinks a coffee and organic juice made from apple, ginger, mint, lime, cucumber, fennel and apple cider vinegar.

For lunch, she loves to eat shrimps and grilled vegetables, and she uses olive oil and lemon.

And for dinner she eats salmon, with lemon and sparrow grass.


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