Controversial Foods for Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a huge task for all of us. We have to modify our diet and our workout routine to start losing weight. It is a collaborative effort. Following a diet plan is an important factor for weight loss and we end up missing our favourite foods. However, recent studies have shown that these foods can actually help us to lose weight.

1) Eggs
Eggs have always been up for debate when it comes to dieting. However if you include eggs in your daily breakfast then they can help you to lose weight really fast. Eggs are filled with protein and good cholesterol. They help to keep you full and give you the energy to carry out your routine throughout the day.

2) Steak
Many health experts have said that red meat needs to be abandoned if you want to lose weight. However steaks have the same number of saturated fats as that of a skinless chicken breast. They help to reduce your waistline; you should limit portions to the size of your palm.

3) Pasta
If you like pasta then you can include it in your diet. Just remember to buy healthier whole grain pasta as an alternative to the traditional one. Whole grains contribute a lot in losing weight as they contain a lot of nutrients that help your body.

4) Cheese
Most dieticians tell us to avoid dairy products. However, studies have shown that in order for our body to lose weight it needs an effective dose of calcium. Dairy foods are rich in calcium and hence they aid weight loss when taken moderately. Dairy foods also have a lot of protein; you end of filling full for a long time.

Remember to eat your favorite foods while dieting they just may help you to get the perfect body you always wanted.


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