Get your thighs summer ready!

Summers are already here and if you have been waiting to flaunt your perfectly toned thighs, well, legs on the whole, then here’s how you can make sure that all the imperfections are tackled easily. So, get your thighs summer ready!

•    Use a coffee based scrub to get rid of cellulite as it helps in firming the skin and tightens the blood vessels. Thus, makes your thighs extra firm.

•    Use a professional concealer such as Dermablend Leg and Body cover to conceal the visible blue veins, marks or any fresh bruises. Don’t forget to set it with a powder. 

•    Stretch marks are most prominent on legs. The best way to deal with them is to use a tanning product that gives a contoured effect. 

•    Don’t forget to use a moisturizing lotion to ensure that your skin is hydrated and free from dry patches. If you are going out, then make sure your moisturizer has SPF as well. 

Posted by David Nolan 7/30/15

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