Three exercises to relieve arthritic knee pain

Exercising on regular basis is very beneficial for good health. However, knee pain can result in over exercising or not doing exercises properly. Knee pain is one of the most crucial problems that athletes and older people. The following are some knee exercises that will relieve your knee pain:

Hamstring Stretch

Bend one knee and lower it close to the ground. Keep the other leg straight and touch your fingers to your toes. Repeat this process again and again, then stretch other leg and repeat the same process.

Bending exercise

For this exercise, stand upright with your legs straight and then bend your body to touch your toes. While performing the exercise, do not bend your legs, and repeat the same process for 10 to 15 times. This exercise is also used to decrease belly fat problems.

Knee curl exercise

For this exercise, you have to bend your leg at the knee and while holding your ankle, stretch your leg towards the back and touch your foot to your buttock. While doing this, keep your other leg straight and keep your balance. If necessary to maintain your balance, put the hand that is not holding your ankle onto the back of a chair. Perform this exercise many times with each leg. Try not to pull too hard on your bent leg as this will give you pain; just stretch the leg as much as you can without creating pain. Over time, you will find it increasingly easier to touch each foot to your buttock.



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