Top Exercises For Men Over 40 Years

Just like any other exercising article that I have written I will start by stating that it is important that you visit your doctor so as to tell you whether or not it’s safe to exercise. That out of the way – today I will be sharing with you exercises for men who are over 40. One thing that you should not when it comes to aging is that fatigue and weakness are usually associated with it. By keeping fit you can be able to slow down the pace at which you are aging. That said, here are top exercises for men over 40.

The Chin Up

This exercise defers from a lat pulldown, in that it makes uses of your core so as to ensure that your lower body has been stabilized. That said the Chin Up is perfect exercise in an event that you want to train your upper back, forearms, core musculature and your arms. If you are not in a position to do the chin up on your own, you can another option, which is to have a partner help you out in unloading some weight by spotting your lower back while you move up and down.

One-leg dumbbell deadlift

This exercise comes with numerous benefits which are associated with the traditional deadlift. That said it is good to note that this exercise helps in ensuring that your balance is good and also works on your hips outside muscles.


Yes pushups. This exercise has for the past few years been the go to exercises especially for those who are looking at gaining muscles, that said it also helps out when it comes to men who are over 40 as it allows full movement of shoulder blades.  


Posted by Jean Walters 5/27/15

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