Top Three Ways To Lose Arm Fat Really Fast

Arm fat may not seem annoying, but the moment you start taking steps for losing weight, the task gets tougher. You don’t need to shy away from wearing sleeveless clothes anymore, because these exercises will get rid of arm fat faster than ever. 

Do not underestimate the power of stretching, which works in a great way for shaping the arms. All you need to do is find those couple of minutes between work and daily routine to stretch the arms above the head or behind the back. Stretching also relieves tension and stress, so that’s an added advantage.

The skipping rope can be your best friend when you are trying to lose arm weight. Keep in mind that cardio works as a total body workout, and skipping is the best form of cardio for the arms. Just start with the aim of 100 jumps each day and increase as you go. 

Weight training has been long considered as one of the best ways to lose arm fat, and you can get two dumbbells to do the exercise at home. Just make sure that your position is right, which will help in getting best results. Weight training also strengthens the core and will aid belly weight loss efforts. 

There are many other exercises like pull-ups, pushups, Scissors and planks that can aid your efforts. If you are unsure of the best choices, consult your trainer for some guidance. Always ensure that you are including cardio and weight training your workout regimes. 


Posted by Donald Bishop 7/30/15


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