Workouts at-home

We all know that the gym is very important and very useful. Sadly, many of us don’t have enough time or money to go to the gym! So, what we can do? Actually, we can solve this ‘’problem’’. Although, exercising in the gym is the best, you can exercise at home. Of course, you cannot have the same progress as at the gym, but you can increase muscle size and lose weight. The best part is that you choose when you want to exercise and what!

If you want to exercise at home, here is one simple exercising plan. You will have to do: pushups 10-15 repetitions, pullup as many as you can, plank 60 seconds, renegade row 10 repetitions and repeat this 5 times. Treat this as one massive exercise and rest 3 minutes between series.

After you finish with pushups, rest 5 minutes and start second exercise. Jump rope 1 minute, rest 2 minutes and repeat this 5 times. This exercise is important for your: legs, arms and it is good for your cardiovascular system.

After finishing with jump rope, rest 5 minutes. The next exercise is for abs. Lie down, and put your feet under the couch or etc. Your hands at the back of the head and start. You must do 10-15 repetition, rest 3 minutes between series. It is important to hold your back straight! Repeat 5 times.

Although, you don’t need any kind of equipment for exercising at home, all exercise that you are doing without weight and equipment have limits. You will come to the point when pushups or etc, aren’t efficient, because your muscles developed for that load!

Posted by Laura Bradley 4/3/15

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