3 Reasons Why Sitting Kills You Quicker

You read that right. An increasing number of scientists agree that sitting for prolonged periods, much as we do in our offices or vehicles, has a clear association with serious medical ailments including cancer and heart disease. Here are some of the ways prolonged sitting harms you:

Makes you susceptible to developing type 2 diabetes
It's been discovered that sitting for extended durations affects your blood sugar and insulin levels in a manner that makes you increasingly susceptible to developing type 2 diabetes, a chronic metabolic disorder that could shorten your life expectancy by up to 10 years.

Leads to obesity
Sitting for hours dramatically increases your chances of long-term obesity. It's been found that constant movement and even the simple act of avoiding prolonged sedentary behavior is more effective in maintaining good weight, rather than compensatory exercise and diet regulation. Besides, constant sitting has been linked with decrease in the levels of LPL, an enzyme that breaks down fat in your body, and that levels are near impossible to get back through additional exercise.

Causes gradual but clear atrophying of muscles
Sitting for long durations causes your existing musculature to erode with disuse. Muscles build up and maintain through constant exercise and use. The lack of circulation and stiffness brought about by sitting has serious effects on your muscle tissue, causing it to weaken and waste away over time.

It's shocking, the dire the nature of the warnings now ringing around against our long ingrained sedentary lifestyles. The observed patterns, however, speak loud enough to warrant heeding. Persuasive and disturbing trends have been established between sitting and chronic heart disease, cancer and depression. It's time to make a firm change to the way we go about our lives. 


Posted by Donald Bishop 7/30/15

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