Ways to reduce BMI

Staying healthy and beautiful is all that is ever wanted by a person. However with the increasing turbulence in work and life people hardly get time for personal management. Hence it results in several health- related issues that carry long term impacts. Carrying too much weight is considered extremely detrimental as far the health of a person is concerned. BMI or Body mass index is a parameter to check the extent of weight enhancement of a person beyond the normal limits. It is a comparison of weight of a person with respect to its height. Accordingly the person is classified as normal, overweight and obese. Higher BMI ratio is a straightway indication of one’s inactivity in personal management.

Tips to reduce BMI

BMI can be reduced by lowering body weight. This can be accomplished by following the mentioned steps.

Cut on Calorie Intake

This is considered to be the very basic step towards weight loss. Usually increase in weight is straightway related to the amount of calorie that one takes through diet. Hence one should get rid of food items rich in calorie and focus more on less calorie items.

Exercising Daily

A daily exercise is considered an effective cure for any bodily problem. When it comes to weight reduction, daily exercise can help burning body fat effectively and more than anything else.

Diet restrictions

To control weight and corresponding lowering of BMI, one should restrict calorie intake between 500 and 1000. In addition to that avoid sugar rich food items and depend on lean protein diets. This is essential for lowering weight at a fast pace.


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