Federal Government Pits In Efforts To Keep Children Healthy And Happy

An average citizen of the US is supposed to partake of 1,500-1,800 calories in a day. An addition of fat content of 50-60 grams is also required.

Opting for a meal that typically has fast-food in it is likely to put a whole lot of calories in the diet. This points towards weight gain. Being overweight is responsible for many other disorders. A large part of it can be attributed to the over-consumption of fast-food.

The marketing campaigns of fast food companies contributes to their being more and more irresistible. Billions of dollars are spent every year on marketing campaigns sponsoring the consumption of fast food.

Quite a bit of this is directed at young children. As a natural consequence, the consumption of fast-food has gone up by five times in children.

Fast-food was found to be highly preferred by youngsters and children belonging to houses with  a high income. In sharp contrast, those belonging to the lower strata of the society tended to much less on fast-food.

There has been  a spurt in marketing campaigns launched by companies dealing in fast food. There has been an increase in the number of fast-food outlets available and so has there been  an increase in the number of young children eating fast-food. This has even led to lawsuits being filed against fast-food outlets.

Even policy-makers in the nation are attempting to guide  children away from fast food outlets. There have been efforts to curtail vigorous marketing campaigns by these companies.

Sale of soft-drinks and colas has been restricted in schools and adjoining areas. There have been attempts to restrict sale from food joints selling burgers and other items.

Officials from these companies insist they don't have a hand in the growing incidence of obesity in children and even in adults.


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