Five ways to take insulin

Diabetes is a disease that may cause several other medical problems. In order to treat diabetes, you have to take insulin. There are a number of ways to take insulin; you and your physician should discuss the different options available. The following are 5 ways to take insulin:

  1. Injections

Taking insulin in the form of injections is the traditional way. With the help of injections and syringes, you can get the right amount of insulin injected into the muscle. Usually the patient chooses between 4 sites on the body: right thigh, left thigh, right abdomen, and left abdomen.

  1. The insulin pen

As the name indicates, this looks like a large marker pen. The insulin is in a self-contained cartridge. The pen allows you to change the needle before every dose. It is easier for the patient to use to inject the insulin into the body.

  1. The insulin pump

The insulin pump is designed in such a way that it provides insulin all day. A pipe is attached with the pump that contains a needle at the other end. The needle is inserted in the body’s skin.

  1. The pump patch device

The pump patch works just like the insulin pump, but it does not need a tube. It is directly attached to the body to inject insulin.

  1. The artificial pancreas

The artificial pancreas is a device that is surgically fitted within the body. The insulin is released using a remote controller. The current version includes the chip that automatically releases the correct insulin dosage.

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