Healthy Substitutes To Instant Maggi Noodles

It is a well-known fact that Maggi has been banned now. Many other instant noodles are being tested now. So here, we are going to mention some healthy substitutes to instant noodles.

Semolina Vermicelli
You will be surprised to know that vermicelli is not only to make deserts, but you can even make your evening snack or breakfast with it as it is nothing but a variant of rice. You can add a few vegetables like carrot, beans, green peas and ghee in it. If you love to have Chinese food then you can add sauce in it or simply add nicely grated coconut in it to have it in the Indian way.


A healthy alternative to noodles is a long cylindrical pasta that is made of wheat and water. Preparing this is really simple and it can be served in less than 10 minutes. In order to make it more tasty, you can add some homemade masala.

Semolina pasta

Another healthy alternative is pasta that you can have for breakfast, lunch or snacks. It can be cooked in 5 minutes using a variety of creams and sauces.

Nool Puttu or Idiyappam

It is a desi version of rice noodles and is known as Idiyappam or Nool Puttu. The main ingredient of this food is coconut.

Homemade Aatta noodles

The flour that is used to make chappatis can also be used to make noodles. To add more nutritional value to the noodles, you can add soya and spinach in it to give it a flavour.


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