Jamie Oliver gives healthy living tips

Jamie Oliver, a famous British chef and restaurateur, is always searching and testing new ways of living better. The TED speaker has devoted his career in providing people with healthy options for food.  To Jaime, it is not only about the food but it is also about how you handle your life. Even when you do manage to control your food intake, it is not less important to take a hold of your life to keep that healthy too.

So Oliver has placed on his website (jamieoliver.com) a complete article with tips on how to live a healthy life.  They are placed in a very elegant manner with visually appealing art.

They start by advising on a proper diet.  Oliver recommends that all your cooking should be from scratch.  This means that it is best for you to cut your own onion and pepper slices from the actual vegetable instead of getting it sliced from the market.  In other words, avoid canned or processes condiments.  Oliver believes this to be one of the most important life skills.

Of course, Oliver suggests to keep a balanced diet with a proper spectrum of all the layers of the food pyramid.  This is what balance is about - take an adequate amount to supply the necessary nutrients. All colors in vegetables are suggested, not only green ones.

Jamie believes that you should be educated on what you eat to make healthier decisions.  This is why he invites you to always read the nutritional information and to understand what nutrients are indicated and how they can help you (or not).

The list ends with small things that will complement a healthy life.  These include exercising, drinking more water, not skipping breakfast, and sleeping well. 

They truly are words to live by as they help ensure that you enjoy a long and healthy life. 


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